About Us

Techphr is a part of the Make Tech Quick family which is owned and operated by Anubhav Roy.

Anyone who welcomes new technologies and thrives on change will fit in well at Techphr, regardless of their profession. It’s a unique technology website. It’s for people who actually do things, whether you’re a solopreneur, a CTO, or the marketing chief of a Fortune 500 company. And it’s not just about work; you carry your tech with you everywhere you go.

Our focus is on cutting-edge innovations that improve our daily lives and place us in new professional and leisurely contexts. This means that there is much more to us than just portable electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and wearables (although of course, we include those too). We’ll also talk about how people are using technology to improve the world in other areas, such as transportation, renewable energy, space exploration, and the sciences.

Keeping with our national character, we Indians will examine all of this with suspicion, paying special attention to the governments and corporations that are using technological means to infringe upon your freedom and safety secretly.

One of the hardest parts of starting a new website is creating a large quantity of high-quality content. To help get Techphr off to a running start, we’ve incorporated some of MakeTechQuick’s best writers. Our website, Make Tech Quick, has not changed at all, and is continuously providing quality content for its readers.

Still, today is only day one of a very long journey. Simply getting a website up and running is not enough. No matter how much testing we do, we are bound to miss something.

A Word from the Founder – Anubhav Roy

The development of Techphr has been a massive undertaking. It seems like forever ago that I was sitting in an office with a group of people brainstorming a new technology launch that could succeed where others had failed. Everything that can go wrong with a major online launch, including some tears, some tantrums, and some missing code and content. I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made on Techphr, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved.