7 Most Beautiful Anime Girls with Purple Hair

7 Most Beautiful Anime Girls with Purple Hair

As viewers, we’ve grown accustomed to the oddball charm of anime girls. Whether it’s their personality, their skin colour, or their less-than-human skills. However, ere, we’ll focus on a single, overarching quality shared by all of our favorite fictional characters. Color of hair. We will discuss about the most beautiful anime girls with purple hair.

Most Beautiful Anime Girls with Purple Hair

Most Beautiful Anime Girls with Purple Hair

You’ve probably seen a wide variety of hair colours on male anime characters. But have you ever considered trying out some of the anime girls with purple hair? That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the cutest anime ladies with purple locks.

1. Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

One of the four leads in Lucky stars, Tsukasa Hiiragi is endearingly naive but surprisingly dense. Tsukasa is the complete antithesis of her sister Kagami; she is kind, generous, and easy to understand.

Her personality isn’t funny, and she seems clumsy and carefree. Tsukasa’s petite frame and diminutive curves make her look even cuter than her chubbier friends. She’s a visual feast with her purple hair past her shoulders and bright yellow headband.

2. Kyoka Jiro (My Hero Academia)

Earbuds, or a Hearing Aid Jack Kyoka Jiro is a freshman at U.A. High School. Kyoka is a skinny, purple-haired girl with a white complexion.

Kyoka has a reputation for being cold and uninterested, despite being a straightforward and honest person.

Kyoka has a sardonic demeanour and loves hanging out with her pals. She possesses remarkable intelligence but has internal conflicts regarding the scrutiny of her musical preferences.

3. Renge Miyauchi (Non Non Biyori)

Renge Miyauchi, a first-grader, is one of the series’ most memorable protagonists. She wears her short, violet hair in two adorably pigtailed buns tied with bright yellow ribbons.

She’s an average first grader with superhuman imagination. Renge may seem emotionless and incomprehensible, but he’s actually a very curious kid who enjoys playing outside.

4. Toko Fukawa (Danganronpa)

One of the six main characters in the Danganronpa anime series is a young girl named Toko Fukawa, who holds the title Ultimate Writing Prodigy. She is portrayed as a depressed writer who favours dark, aubergine-colored clothing and wears her hair in two braids.

Toko suffers from multiple personality disorder. Due to childhood bullying, she now views other people with suspicion. She is an introvert who prefers to keep to herself in the hive. Because of her homophobia, Toko’s violent tendencies often get the better of her.

5. Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

Famous ghoul Rize Kamishiro plays a pivotal role as the series’ main antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul. The story’s antagonist, Rize, is depicted as a young woman with striking purple hair and eyes.

Because she is responsible for half of the city’s murders, Rize is famous among ghouls as the “Binge Eater.” She has a pleasant demeanour at first, but she brutally devours whatever she catches.

6. Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

Yoruichi had served as Onmitsukido commander and 2nd division captain for the Gotei 13. The Tenshiheisoban, a soul society, adopted her at birth and made her a princess. With her hourglass figure, tanned skin, and deep purple hair, Yoruichi stands out from the other characters on this list.

Yourchi is depicted as having a deep familiarity with various religious and philosophical traditions. She is brilliant and funny, and she despises honorifics despite her Nobel pedigree.

7. Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad)

Kotomi Ichinose is just like any other high school student with her straight, purple hair and skinny build. On “Clannad,” she portrays Tomoya Okazaki’s childhood best friend.

Kotomi is an introverted and private young lady. She has a sharp mind and devours books like candy. Because of her social anxiety, she is all the more charming.

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