6 Best Anime with Villain Main Character

6 Best Anime with Villain Main Character

In anime, it’s unusual for the protagonist to be the antagonist. Don’t be confused, we are talking about the best anime with a villain MC, meaning as the main character. As any good storyteller knows, the plot hinges on the hero’s triumph over the bad guys. Still, occasionally we’ll run into an odd anime where the main character is the bad guy. There are two types of villains: those who are consistently evil and those who show signs of change.

The main character being bad, evil, or a villain in such anime was a common plot point, and the audience loved it.

We have compiled a list of the top 6 anime series in which the protagonist is a villain for those of you who are specifically looking for such a show.

Best Anime with Villain MC

Best Anime with Villain MC

The wide range of topics explored in anime has made it a fan favorite for generations of viewers around the world. Although the plots of various anime series may diverge, they all share the requirement of focusing on either a single character or a small group of related characters. The protagonist of most stories is a good person who refuses to stray from the moral high ground no matter how difficult things get, but there are stories that would benefit more from having a villain in the lead role. It’s worth noting that not all villainous main characters in anime share the same traits. Nevertheless, there are some best anime shows  where the villain is the main character.

1. Code Geass

Lelouche Lamperouge, the protagonist of Code Geass, is a banished Britannian prince who holds his father responsible for his mother’s brutal murder and the subsequent trauma and paralysis of his younger sister. With his newly acquired one-time Geass power, he can influence another person’s behaviour or alter his or her thoughts and memories.

With this newfound strength, he becomes Zero, the masked leader of Japan’s resistance movement, with the goal of bringing down his father and the entire Britannian Empire and creating a better world for his sister to live in.

2. Death Note

Light Yagami, the protagonist of Death Note, is a young man who, like in Code Geass, gains the ability to kill anyone whose name and face he knows. Ryuk the grim reaper was bored, so he gave Yagami a very powerful weapon, and Yagami kept Ryuk amused in return.

Yagami eventually went bad and began murdering people out of fear of losing his power. Slowly but surely, he eliminated every criminal he saw on television, establishing a world where his ideology and perverted conception of justice were absolute. Without including Death Note, this article about anime with villain main characters would be lacking.

3. Saga of Tanya The Evil

In a previous life, our hero Tanya worked as a salesman. After hearing the voice of God, he was reborn as a young girl in the afterlife. Tanya, who despises God and seeks global dominance, advances in the military by drawing on her extensive background in the field.

Tanya is a heartless killer who views her victims as expendable items. Tanya always takes a methodical and well-considered approach to problems. Tanya’s quick wit and dogged determination helped her rise through the ranks quickly. They will not tolerate any disobedience in her group.

4. Lupin The Third

Lupin the Third is the oldest of these anime movies where the main character is the villain, making him one of the earliest anime to feature a villain in a main role. Lupin is the ringleader of a criminal organization, and he is relentlessly pursued by Koichi Zenigata, an inspector whom he consistently outwits.

Lupin is the most wanted thief in the world, but he occasionally plays the role of an anti-hero by bringing to justice even more dangerous criminals.

5. Elfen Lied

The tragic story of Lucy and the other experimental subjects who gained superhuman abilities is told in Elfen Lied. They went completely insane, and Lucy eventually used her powers to kill everyone in the lab and escape. Lucy is depicted in the show as trying to live a normal life despite frequent power outbursts caused by her traumatic past.

The main character in Elfen Lied straddles the line between being good and being evil. She suffers from multiple personalities, one of which is benign while the other is malicious.

6. 91 Days

The protagonist in 91 Days is, like most stories about mobsters, an antagonist. Angelo Lagusa, whose parents and younger brother were murdered by the Vanetti family, is the protagonist of this anime.

Angelo is a villain because he has no redeeming qualities and will go to any lengths to get his hands on whoever he believes is responsible for the deaths of his family members.


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