5 Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

5 Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

Archive files are one of the most common types of files we work with everyday. You might be familiar with them, and their many file extensions (zip, rar, 7z, tar, bin, and more). Compressing files allow you to store numerous files in one central location, thereby reducing the amount of storage space they require. Here are the best apps to open Zip files on Android.

As a reminder, these are specialized apps designed for only this purpose. Most file managers have archive functionality built right in, and they excel at handling generic files. Taking one of those will accomplish two goals at once.

Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

5 Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best applications to open and extract compressed Zip files on Android. Each of these apps can do the same thing, which is to either read or create ZIP files. Let’s take a look, then. By the way, you may need to pay for some of the best apps.

1. B1 Archiver

Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

When it comes to zipping and unzipping archive files, B1 Archiver is widely used. It’s compatible with the most popular formats, like zip and rar, and an additional 37 file types.

This is really fantastic if you frequently deal with rare archive file types that are otherwise out of the ordinary. There is also the option to open multi-part rar and b1 archives. The app is well-designed and functional, but it costs $1.99 to remove ads and unlock additional features. Besides that, it’s a good app in general to unzip and open files on Android.

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2. RAR

Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

If you’re familiar with Winrar, you’ll feel right at home with RAR, as it was created by the same team behind that program. Not surprisingly, it is compatible with a wide variety of file formats, including the most popular ones like rar, zip, tar, 7z, and many more.

The standard suite of security measures, including password protection, is also present. You can check how well your archival files fare in comparison benchmarks and even repair damaged archival files with this handy app (with varying degrees of success). This is an effective app that you should consider using.

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3. MiXplorer Silver

Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

A file manager, MiXplorer Silver is available for download. The ability to archive files is a core feature of any modern file manager. For this reason, any archiver should suffice if only ZIP or RAR files need to be opened. MiXplorer Silver, however, is included because it can manage even more.

When it comes to the tasks of zipping and unzipping, the process is somewhat a bit different. There are a few dozen different archive file types that can be opened by the app. It’s a solid file browser that does everything you’d expect and more. Though it costs more than Solid Explorer’s $1.99, many archive workers have no other viable option when it comes to zipping and unzipping files. For a complete list of archive formats, please refer to the PlayStore listing.

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4. WinZip

Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

A lot of people still use Winzip, and now it’s also available to open your zipped files on Android. It has the same features as its desktop counterpart, which means it will either perform splendidly for you or not at all. If it does what you want, it’s a solid app that works with all the most popular archive formats.

The fact that it works with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive sets it apart from other apps. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of products adopting this feature. When compared to similar apps, the design feels surprisingly cutting edge. Despite the impressive list of endorsers, we have to say that it’s the least compelling choice. As an added downside, the app necessitates a subscription and is surprisingly difficult to cancel.

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5. ZArchiver

Best Apps to Open Zip Files on Android

ZArchiver is a free tool that can help android users to open zip files. Further, it has been available for Android users for a very long time. It supports a wide variety of archive formats and provides a simple interface for working with them.

If you need additional security, you can encrypt your files, set a password, or create multiple archives. The lack of flashiness in this application is not necessarily a drawback. Those who want to “get in, get it done,” and “get out” will appreciate it. It’s functional enough for your purposes.

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Well, these are the best apps to open zip files on Android. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad.

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