5 Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

5 Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

Although Google Chrome is kind of less private as compared to other web browsers such as Firebox, it won’t hurt to use some of the best Chrome privacy extensions for better security. As a result, we have discussed here some of the best privacy extensions available on the Chrome web store to make this browser a bit more private.

Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

5 Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

The world’s most popular web browser is Google Chrome. Even so, it isn’t the most secure browser in the world. Chrome is consistently criticized for its handling of privacy issues. For a company that is the world’s largest advertiser, Google is in a prime position to exploit the millions of Chrome users around the world.

Fortunately, there are Chrome extensions available that can help you increase the privacy of your browser. Here are the top 8 Chrome extensions for protecting your online privacy.

1. uBlock Origin

Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

Advertising is everywhere on the internet. In many ways, they keep the internet running smoothly, allowing you to access many of the popular websites and services you rely on every day for free. Ads come with tracking. Tracking scripts keep tabs on your online activity and use that information to improve the ads you see.

Third-party tracking scripts can be blocked with uBlock Origin. Toggleable third-party tracking lists come pre-installed with the extension. Other websites and services can be easily whitelisted as you browse the web, as many websites rely on advertising income to stay afloat and do not display offensive ads!

uBlock Origin has the added benefit of blocking malware and malvertising. Domains that are known to display malicious advertising or other nasties can also be blocked by uBlock Origin.

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2. Blur

Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

Blur is a useful app with two key features.

To begin, Blur is a browser extension for creating and storing secure passwords. Every online account you open is protected by a unique password, enhancing security and privacy. The extension encrypts all password data with the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm before storing it.

In addition, Blur acts as a buffer between you and the services you sign up for, protecting your personal information. In order to sign up for a service, Blur gives you a one-time-only masked email address that you use as your login. You will still receive any emails or alerts from the service in your regular email inbox.

A hacker can only get your one-off address if there is a data breach, but your real address is protected. Only your Blur address is obtained by the intruder in this attack on your computer.

In addition, Blur comes in two varieties. The Premium version also includes credit card masking, which is similar to email masking but provides additional protection for your credit and debit card information. To further enhance your privacy on Chrome, you can also use Blur masked phone numbers.

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Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

The Unshorten.link is a tiny but one of the best chrome privacy extensions. A simple but valuable feature is provided by this Chrome extension. It restores the original length of a shortened link. Shortening a link makes it easier to hide a malicious URL and thus trick someone into clicking on something they shouldn’t be clicking on,

When you click a shortened link, Unshorten.link redirects you to its secure page. There, you can see the actual target URL and decide whether or not the link is safe.

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4. HTTPS Everywhere

Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

When you use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, every website you visit will use the much more secure HTTPS protocol. Encrypting your internet connection to a website ensures that your browsing session is private and secure. The same level of security is not provided by a standard HTTP connection.

Google announced in 2018 that Chrome would begin using the more secure HTTPS protocol in order to protect users’ privacy and security. As of late, many websites have been set up to use HTTPS. Millions of websites will continue to use HTTP. If you try to access a site via HTTP instead of HTTPS, Google Chrome will display a warning and ask if you want to proceed. Those millions of sites still using HTTP will benefit greatly from the HTTPS Everywhere extension.

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5. Privacy Badger

Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

Privacy Badger is a Chrome extension created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that blocks scripts and trackers (EFF). Privacy Badger is not designed to block all advertisements, but it may prevent some from displaying.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) places a high priority on privacy protection, and Privacy Badger is regularly updated to ensure that it is blocking as many tracking technologies as possible. The Privacy Badger icon can be clicked to see what level of tracking is taking place on each site you visit after it has been installed. According to their status, such as intrusive third-party tracker, trackers are color coded.

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Well, these are the best Chrome privacy extensions to give you a secured and private environment from the unsafe world of the web. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out our best tips to Boost Gaming Performance on your Android Phone.

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