7 Best Dark Anime like Akame ga Kill

7 Best Dark Anime like Akame ga Kill

The plot of Akame Ga Kill features an interesting and engaging cast of characters and exciting action sequences. More episodes like this anime are worth people’s lives. If that sounds like you, then keep reading because we’ve got some recommendations for other great anime that you might enjoy just as much as Akame Ga Kill.

If it’s high-octane thrills you’re after, this set delivers. In light of that, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best dark anime like Akame ga Kill.

Best Dark Anime like Akame ga Kill

7 Best Dark Anime like Akame ga Kill

After its initial release, Akame Ga Kill! became an instant classic and continues to be a chart-topper. Those who watched the anime are still pining for its action, surprising plot turns, and strong characters. There were many compelling storylines that kept viewers hooked, and when it became apparent that no new episodes would be made, everyone was devastated.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins

There was once a powerful order of knights in Britannia known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Due to their plotting against the Lioness Kingdom, they were beaten by the Holy Knights and eventually disbanded.

After waiting for ten years, the Holy Knights eventually overthrew the Lioness Kingdom in a bloodless coup. The third Princess, Elizabeth Liones, is tasked with tracking down the Seven Deadly Sins. Their reputations needed defending, and they needed to be recruited for a war to free her kingdom from the Holy Knights. Both Seven Deadly Sins and Akame ga Kill take place in similar mediaeval fantasy settings. The main characters are portrayed negatively in both shows. All of the characters are strong and have their own unique personalities, and they’re all fighting an oppressive empire.
The plot and character growth in this anime are both excellent.

2. Bungou Stray Dogs

In Bungou Stray Dogs, we follow Atsushi as he teams up with the locals to combat crime. When they aren’t at war with the mafia, they’re fighting for their country.

As it turns out, the mafia isn’t completely heartless, and many of the gangsters are just as likeable as the ones we root for. The show has a bright comedic tone, but there is also a lot of ominous energy in the background, excellent action sequences, and tragic deaths.

The protagonist is a young man who, for various reasons, has fled his hometown and now finds himself alone in a strange city. He’s being pressured to join the group. Superhuman abilities are common in both the protagonists and antagonists of these anime. Regular action sequences that involve supernatural powers tend to go a little over the top in both shows.

3. Akudama Drive

Many years ago, Japan was split in two by the Great Civil War, leaving behind the Kansai and Kanto regions. Six Akudama in Kansai complete missions for a shadowy black cat while dodging the law. But when an ordinary girl witnesses the criminal activities of the Akudama, she finds herself drawn into their subculture and on the brink of a perilous adventure.

The protagonists of both stories, Akudama Drive and Akame ga Kill, are fictitious criminals in the eyes of law enforcement, and you end up rooting for them. Both stories follow similar character arcs that culminate in similar resolutions. Both shows’ plots are intricately intertwined with political themes. Each of these anime has a tragic conclusion. I can say with confidence that fans of Akame ga Kill will enjoy this show.

4. The Future Diary

This anime has a fairly original premise and plot. We follow Yukiteru Amano, a lonely teenager, throughout the narrative. In time, he develops a relationship with his fictitious companion Deus Ex Machina.

After some time, he realizes that Deus Ex is the God of Time and Space and not just an invention of his own mind. She agrees to let Amano’s phone record for the next three months.

Deus has extended an invitation to a competition for Amano to compete against others like her. The victor will succeed Deus as the supreme being.

The thrilling horror elements are also very similar. In both of these shows, a nice boy and a much cooler girl play the lead roles.

Both of these anime are best enjoyed without emotional investment. If you liked the violence and chaos of AGK, you might like to see how things develop in Future Diary.
The plots of both anime center on assassinations, with different characters having different motivations for resorting to murder.

5. Black Lagoon

The show takes place in the mid-1990s and centres on the Lagoon Company, a gang of pirates who are contracted for illegal work. Everyday Japanese businessman Rokurou Okajima was kidnapped by the Lagoon Company and held hostage on their ship, the “Black Lagoon,” until a ransom was paid.

During his time aboard the ship, he forms strong bonds with his captors. Since his former employer has apparently given up on him and declared him dead, he decides to sign on with the mercenary organisation.

Despite their different stories, Akame ga Kill! and Black Lagoon both feature plenty of blood, gore, and violence. Characters in both series have superhuman strength and a ‘anti-hero’ mentality.

The two anime share many similarities, including an innocent joining a gang of infamous killers and the constant struggle to stay alive in a world rife with corruption, violence, and lawbreakers.

In both shows, characters die in shocking ways and the animation is top-notch, but the series’ respective approaches to death are very different.

6. Attack on Titan

The anime series Attack on Titan features nonstop action. Eren Yeager is the show’s primary protagonist. After witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of a titan, a large zombie-like creature with a craving for human flesh, he is traumatised.

Eren Yeager then enrols in a school to learn how to hunt titans. Soon, however, he learns that he has been concealing a secret so terrible that it threatens the very fabric of human society. If you liked Akame Ga Kill and are in search of another series with a similar feel, this is a great choice.

Like Akame ga Kill, Attack on Titan features intense moments of drama and violence, as well as numerous actions and deaths. They both take place in the Middle Ages, and the “don’t get attached to the characters” rule applies equally to both of them (as a few of the characters also die) One common thread between the two series is a protagonist who has endured great suffering. Both series also feature unique characters and tense battles.

7. Code Geass

Code Geass is a good choice for fans of Akame Ga Kill! who liked the story’s central theme of resisting an unfair system. It’s set in a world where Japan has been conquered by the Holy Empire of Britannia and renamed Area 11.

The citizens were not happy with the new administration, so a band of courageous rebels rose up against the empire. Lelouch Lamperouge gained a special power and used it to topple the Britannian government. Seeing him ascend to such a position of power has been both incredible and terrifying.

Code Geass follows a similar plot to Akame Ga Kill, in which a terrorist group rises up against the oppressive laws and unjust government of a new regime that has taken over their homeland.

If you like shows about rebels, you’ll enjoy both of these. Both have fantastic fight scenes, top-notch animation, and fascinating character growth.

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