5 Best Free Apps to Hide Photos on Android

There is always a part of ourselves that we would rather keep secret. As a result, the best free apps to hide photos on Android help users to maintain privacy. Some people we’ve met have a habit of looking through your photo albums whenever they get their hands on your phones. It’s tough to get these types of people to respect personal space. On the other hand, hiding your personal photos from others is a simpler option. Privacy will not be compromised.

Best Free Apps to Hide Photos in Android

5 Best Free Apps to Hide Photos on Android

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered how to keep your photos secret from prying eyes. Multiple apps offer secure storage for your private photos. These are the best five free android apps that you can use to hide photos and videos.

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

Best Free Apps to Hide Photos in Android

KeepSafe Photo Vault for Android is one of the best free apps to hide photos. You can now use a fingerprint, a PIN, or a pattern to lock and unlock your photos on this refined platform. There is no charge for it. You can organize your photos however you like and place them in any folder you create.

Not only that, but it also alerts you to security issues like unauthorized access or login attempts. A picture of the intruder is taken within the app. It’s convenient for storing a large number of related images due to its private cloud storage. If you look in your phone’s recent menu, you won’t find it either.

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2. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

Best Free Apps to Hide Photos in Android

If you want to keep your photos safe, look no further than this app. The AES encryption used is the same kind used by the military. Safety can be established by using a pattern or a pin. As an added bonus, you can upload images right into the safe, making it a breeze to use. From the picture menu, you can simply select the image and then opt to store it in the vault. A fingerprint reader accessory is available for added security.

Furthermore, if you are unable to use your phone because someone is approaching you, all you have to do is shake it, and the app will close and disappear from the app drawer. A security bonus of this app is that taking a screenshot requires the app to be unlocked. The paid version includes an option to store false credentials safely.

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3. Calculator Photo Vault

Best Free Apps to Hide Photos in Android

The app’s features are very sophisticated. It masquerades as a basic calculator. Who would have thought a calculator could be used to conceal whatever media you like? Your own photos and videos can be hidden away in the calculator’s hidden heart, thanks to fishingNet. You can quickly and easily store any photo or video captured with the built-in camera shortcut on your home screen, as well as access other features like a notepad, web browser, and file explorer.

To complete the entry, select the pin you wish to add to the calculator and press “=”. Shaking the device can also close and hide this app, just like the last one.

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4. 1Gallery

Best Free Apps to Hide Photos in Android

It’s more of a photo gallery than anything else, so it has editing tools for both video and still images. Since it uses the tried-and-true AES encryption standard, you can rest assured that it is both trustworthy and impenetrable. You can protect your account information with a pattern, pin, or fingerprint.

No one else could possibly understand the images like you do. If you prefer a black background to a white one, you can switch to the dark mode.

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5. PhotoGuard Photo Vault

Best Free Apps to Hide Photos in Android

In addition to being AES encrypted, the app also supports password, PIN, fingerprint, and pattern unlocking. The app’s built-in camera allows the user to snap a photo and instantly store it in the safe. Not all of the features are free of charge, but the vast majority are, just like with similar services.

If you need more room, you’ll have to shell out extra cash for a cloud storage plan that gives you an infinite amount of space along with a phony vault and security alerts.

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Well, these are the best apps to hide photos on Android. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out the best Android call blocking apps.

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