How to Sign Into Your Old Hotmail Account?

Are you trying to access your old Hotmail account you haven’t used in a while? Well, the good news is that Microsoft still supports Hotmail and you can easily access your old account back. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to access your old Hotmail account. We will also explain how to reset your password if needed and how to access all of the features associated with your Hotmail account.

Microsoft has transitioned its default email client to Outlook but Outlook has its own problems like Notifications not working. Although the company discontinued Hotmail years ago, some users continue to use the service. The most common cause of this is users having their account recovery information sent to their Hotmail addresses from other platforms. So, let’s not waste any time and look into getting back your old Hotmail account. Here’s our guide to help you recover, access, and sign into your old Hotmail account.

How to Access Your Old Hotmail Account?

How to Access Your Old Hotmail Account?

In order to recover and access an old Hotmail account, we will follow three methods. The first one is the best option only if you have enabled 2-step verification. If you haven’t, skip to the other methods.

Method 1: Recover Your Old Hotmail Account

Before Microsoft closed Hotmail, they already migrated all Hotmail accounts to Outlook. Now, in order to gain access to your old Hotmail account, you have to first recover your old Hotmail account.

In order to get this done, you will have to use Microsoft’s Account Recover Form. Moreover, there’s a catch. That is you can use this method only if you had enabled 2FA or 2-step verification. If you haven’t, you won’t be able to use the recovery form.

Now, in order to use this method, you will need a valid email address that you have access to and it can be any but active. Next, go to and enter the Hotmail email address you wish to recover. After that, enter the email you want Microsoft to contact you through.

Confirm the email address, enter the security code and follow the on-page instructions to finish the process. Now Microsoft will reach out to you within 24 hours.

However, you need to keep in mind that Microsoft will deactivate your account if you don’t log into your email ID at least once a year. When Microsoft deactivates your email, all emails will bounce off that email ID. You can still reactive the account if you know the password and new emails will start coming into your inbox without any problems.

Interestingly, if you stay inactive for 5 years, Microsoft will delete your Hotmail account. If you got a message that says your account doesn’t exist, that means you haven’t logged into it in 5 years and now that has been it deleted, there’s no way you can recover your old Hotmail account.

Method 2: Create a New Hotmail Account

Some websites and users suggested that creating a new Outlook account using your old Hotmail address actually helped recover an old Hotmail account. If you want to do this, launch your browser and open an incognito tab. Go to and click on Create Free Account and follow the on-page instructions.

Method 3: Try Linking Your Old Hotmail Account to New Email Client

As a last resort to gain access to your old Hotmail account, you can try linking it to your new email client and check whether you can access its mailbox.

We recommend using a non-Microsoft email client to do this work. Some users also reported that they managed to link their old Hotmail email addresses to Outlook. But this method won’t work for you because it didn’t work for us either.

If you want to follow this method, go to Outlook Settings, click on Sync Email and select Other Email accounts. Now enter your Hotmail address and password, and link your accounts.

What Happened To My Old Hotmail Email Account?

If you had an old Hotmail account and are now wondering what has happened to it, you may be in luck. Microsoft has been transitioning all of its Hotmail accounts over to Outlook for some time now, so if you had a Hotmail account, chances are it’s been moved over to the new platform.

The process of transferring a Hotmail account to Outlook is relatively simple. All you have to do is sign in with your old Hotmail email address and password. You should then be able to access your emails, contacts, calendar events and other data from your old Hotmail account. It may take a few minutes for everything to sync up but once it does, you should have full access to all the same features that were available on your old Hotmail account.

You may also find that some of the features on Outlook are better than they were on your old Hotmail account. For example, Outlook offers more storage space compared to Hotmail, so you can keep more emails without having to delete any mailboxes or folders. There are also some new features such as integrated Skype chat and built-in apps like To-Do List and OneDrive that make managing your emails easier. So don’t worry about losing out on anything by switching over from Hotmail to Outlook – it’s actually likely that you’ll gain more features instead!

Why Can’t I Access My Hotmail Account?

If you have difficulty accessing your Hotmail account, there are several possible explanations.

First, be sure to check that you entered the correct email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use Microsoft’s online reset tool to get a new one. It is also possible that your account has been blocked due to suspicious activity or if it has been compromised by a third party. If this is the case, you can contact the Microsoft customer service team for assistance in unlocking your account.

Finally, it is also possible that the server on which your Hotmail account is hosted is down or experiencing technical issues. In this case, there is nothing you can do but wait until the problem is resolved. You can keep track of any server issues by checking Microsoft’s status page or following them on social media.

Does Microsoft Delete Inactive Hotmail Accounts?

Yes, Microsoft does delete inactive Hotmail accounts. Microsoft reserves the right to deactivate or delete any account that is inactive for an extended period of time. The exact length of time before deletion can vary, but generally accounts are considered inactive if they have not been used in at least 270 days.

When an account is deleted, all emails and contacts stored under the account are permanently erased from Microsoft’s servers. Any messages sent to a deleted account will be returned to the sender with an error message. Additionally, any payment information associated with the account will be removed as well. It is important to note that once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered, and all data associated with it will be lost forever. Therefore, users should make sure to back up their data regularly or transfer it to another account before their Hotmail account becomes inactive for too long.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can access and recover your old Hotmail account. We hope this guide helped you. Signing into an old Hotmail account is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is make sure you have the right email address and password and then enter them into the login page. If you still can’t access your account, there are a few other steps to take, such as retrieving your forgotten password or contacting customer service for help. With these simple steps out lined above, you can easily sign in to your old Hotmail account and get back to using it in no time. If you have doubts or queries, make sure to comment down below.

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