How to Download Apple Safari on PC and Laptop?

How to Download Apple Safari on PC and Laptop?

Safari, the web browser that comes pre-installed on all Apple products, is widely considered to be the best browser out there. Mac users who make the switch to Windows often find it difficult to adjust to a new browser. However, is there any way to download Apple Safari on Windows PC and Laptop? It’s possible that some Windows users would like to give Safari a shot on their PCs. But can Safari be made available for Windows and Linux users?

How to Download Apple Safari on PC and Laptop?

How to Download Apple Safari on PC and Laptop?

Using the links below, you can quickly and easily install Apple Safari on your desktop or portable computer. Apple developed Safari exclusively for its own use. As a result, it is Apple’s recommended browser for all of their products, including Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. Apple earlier used to provide support for Microsoft Windows operating system, but has since abandoned the development of updates for the platform.

However, the final version of Safari for Windows and Linux OS if you follow the steps given below. However, it’s important to note that there will be compatibility problems and security holes. Therefore, we highly advise you to avoid using the Safari browser on anything other than an Apple device.

How to Download Apple Safari for Mac OSX?

All Apple devices come equipped with Safari as their default web browser. Unless your device is compromised, there is no way to remove the browser.

We’ve provided a link to the latest version of Safari for macOS (Mojave) down below; however, it should work just fine with the most recent version of macOS, Catalina.

Download: Safari for Mac

How to Download Apple Safari on Windows 10/11?

The use of Safari on Windows has been discontinued by Apple as previously mentioned. For a long time now, Safari has not received any significant updates. The final version of Safari web browser for Windows is 5.1.7

The link to download Safari for Windows 10 or Windows 11 is provided below in case you’re still interested. If you need assistance with installing Safari on Windows, this should do the trick.

Download: Safari for Windows

How to Download Apple Safari on Linux?

The Safari web browser is, alas, incompatible with Linux in any form. Apple has made its browser exclusive to its own products. Safari isn’t officially supported on Linux, but there is a program called wine that will allow you to download it and use it on your computer.

In the below setup guide, we will be using the same out-of-date SafariSetup.exe file. This is why we advise you to not use Safari on Linux.

  1. Install Wine on Linux using the below command:
    sudo apt-get install -y wine
  2. After that, download and create a directory.
    mkdir -p ~/build/safari cd ~/build/safari
  3. Download Safari (Only available for Windows)
  4. Install using Wine
    wine SafariSetup.exe

To install Safari on Linux, simply follow the on-screen prompts in the Wine window. However, installing Safari on a Linux operating system is strongly discouraged. The first problem you may encounter is that, being an older version, it may not be fully compatible with your Linux device.

Safari is a state-of-the-art web browser but is exclusive to only Apple products. We recommend not using this safari browser because it is very old and can be prone to security threats if you plan to use it in the long run.

You must instead install Google Chrome. Although Google Chrome is a memory eater, it is still one of the best widely used browsers in this world. Even macOS and iOS users download Chrome for its simplicity, Just pair Google Chrome with some of the best privacy extensions and you are good to go.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can install Safari browser on Windows and Linux PCs. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check how to turn Off “Notify Anyway” on iPhone.

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