How to Fix Can’t Register on Plenty of Fish?

How to Fix Can't Register on Plenty of Fish?

Everyone is incomplete without a partner. Similarly, Plenty of Fish is one of the best dating apps out there. However, what happens when you can’t register on Plenty of Fish? A similar case is being reported nowadays by young people that whenever they try to register on Plenty of Fish, they are simply unable to do that. There can be multiple reasons as to why this happens and in this guide, we will try to cover each and every way you can overcome this can’t sign up issue on PoF.

How to Fix Can't Register on Plenty of Fish?

Why Can’t You Register on Plenty of Fish?

Although it can be disturbing to know that you are unable to register on Plenty of Fish to get your new date, it is quite easy to fix this issue. The simplest reason why you cannot register on POF is that the website or app is unable to recognize you as a person.

You may be using a VPN or opening the website in incognito mode. Or, you may be using an invalid email address. Luckily, it is quite easy to take this registration issue and get you started.

How to Fix Can’t Register on Plenty of Fish?

Here we have listed some easy fixes to help you register on Plenty of Fish and resolve your issue. Please follow them carefully. Common sense is not common these days and so silly mistakes happen. With that being said, let’s get started helping you find your date.

Fix 1: Create a New Email ID

If you are already using an email ID to sign up on Plenty of Fish, make sure it is a valid one. And in case you are unable to receive the verification or it is saying that you are already registered, try now with a new email ID. In most cases, even if users use the Forgot Password feature, Plenty of Fish doesn’t send the recovery code and as a result, users are left out of the app.

Therefore, once you have a new email ID, use it to create an ID and get started on your lovely dating journey. Although this is unlikely to not work, but if this didn’t help you fix the registration issue on Plenty of Fish, try out our next fix.

Fix 2: Check If You Are Eligible

Plenty of Fish is known for its good reputation and tasteful matches and all of this is only possible if you meet the eligibility criteria set by Plenty of Fish. As a result, before you sign up and start filling up the registration form, check out the eligibility criteria and fill out accordingly.

Fix 3: Upload Real Images

Ever wondered why Plenty of Fish is the most preferred dating site? Because it has got real people. Alright, we understand some people have an inferiority complex and think it would be better to upload a picture of someone who looks way better than you. However, the AI behind Plenty of Fish is pretty strong to catch if the image is a copied one. So, when signing up for PoF, make sure to upload your real picture and you are good to go.

Fix 4: Avoid Creating a 1 Word Profile

Some users are so desperate to find a match that they skip everything and just keep clicking on next without correctly filling up the form. Believe us, it doesn’t work that way. The internet is full of bots who want to steal information and if you try to create a 1-word profile, the AI will block you out of Plenty of Fish assuming you are a bot.

Consequently, to fix the can’t register issue on Plenty of Fish, you need to fill out every description correctly and to the best of your knowledge.

By following all the above steps correctly you will be able to sign up on Plenty of Fish and find a match within 23 hours. Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix the can’t register issue on Plenty of Fish. We hope this guide helped you. If you are still having issues, comment down below and we will help you out further.

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