How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

Everyone is aware that our ears shouldn’t be subjected to excessively loud noise. It’s best practise to keep the volume at a constant level while listening to music. When listening to music on headphones at a dangerously loud volume, the iPhone will display a “Headphone safety notification.”

We now have a safeguard against permanent hearing loss caused by headphones, thanks to iOS 14’s Headphone Safety feature. Playing music at unsafe levels can cause permanent damage to your hearing if done frequently. iOS 14 and later have the headphone safety feature enabled by default.

How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

What Is Headphone Safety on Your iPhone?

The iPhone was designed for entertainment and productivity together. In response to user complaints about hearing damage caused by using headphones or Bluetooth speakers with an iPhone, Apple included a volume limiting feature in iOS 14 known as headphone safety.

Starting with iOS 14, Headphone Safety is always turned on by default. The function monitors the volume of your iPhone and dampens any sounds that are too loud if they are preset. As a reference, a food blender or heavy city traffic are both louder than the default volume of 85 decibels.

Apple has implemented this function so that you are less likely to be injured by prolonged exposure to extremely loud noises. iOS also ignores the volume of incoming and outgoing phone calls when making its calculations.

How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

Using its Headphone Safety feature, the iPhone can control extreme volume changes. If you use the volume controls to increase the volume past the maximum level, the volume will be decreased automatically.

Further, it’s convenient to have the iPhone automatically lower the volume, but there may be times when that’s not what you want. You can use this feature, for instance, if you have trouble hearing or listening to music through Bluetooth car speakers. However, if you want to turn off the exciting headphone safety feature on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Next, click on Sound & Haptics.
  3. After that, select Headphone Safety. How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?
  4. Tap on the toggle for Reduce Loud Sounds to turn it off.
  5. You can also turn off Headphone Notifications if you don’t want to receive health alerts from your iPhone on the 7-Day routine. How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone?

Is it Safe to Turn Off Headphone Safety?

Apple warns that prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing and discourages doing so. Therefore, it is not safe to turn off headphone safety. However, it’s possible that you won’t be able to disable Headphone Safety on iPhones that are region or carrier-locked.

How to Turn Off Headphone Safety in Locked iPhones?

Turning off the Headphone safety feature is illegal in some countries or regions because doing so can cause permanent hearing loss or because people will play extremely loud music while driving, thereby violating traffic laws. Headphone safety can still be disabled in these regions with a minor workaround: switching the Bluetooth device to “other” in the settings.

It is not advised that you do this, but if you insist, here is what you should do:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth.
  2. Click on the i button beside the device you want to change.
  3. Now tap on Device type and select Other from the menu.

Using this method you can turn off headphone safety even in locked iPhones.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can turn off headphone safety in iPhone. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check whether YouTube Premium is worth the price.

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