Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost?

Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost?

Is it worth paying for YouTube Premium? Here’s a look at what YouTube Premium has to offer and whether or not it’s worth the money.

If you’re a frequent YouTube viewer, you’ve probably thought about signing up for YouTube Premium. However, is YouTube Premium worth it?? How much does youtube ad free cost?

Take a closer look at what YouTube Premium has to offer, what you need to know, and how you can decide if the service is worth it for you.

Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost?

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium has been available for more than three years. You can now get access to all of your favorite content from both YouTube and Spotify through the service, which was previously known as YouTube Red. The service’s popularity hasn’t skyrocketed, even though it has improved over time. The constant sign-up pop-ups didn’t help, but there are solid arguments in favor of signing up.

If you’re looking for free video to watch online, look no further than YouTube, the web’s most popular video sharing site. Why is there a “premium” version, and what does it include?

YouTube Premium is the paid subscription service offered by the video-sharing site. There are several advantages to using it over YouTube Red, the most notable of which is the absence of ads on any of YouTube’s services.

YouTube Premium Features

  1. Ad-free experience: No annoying ad breaks on any content viewed on any device logged into your Premium account
  2. Background playback: When your screen is locked, you can listen to podcasts and long videos in the background.
  3. No need for the Internet: Playback without an internet connection because you can store videos on your computer to watch them later.
  4. YouTube Music: Ad-free access to the dedicated music app’s millions of tracks is available with YouTube Music Premium.
  5. YouTube originals: Exclusive premium content and no ads with YouTube Originals.

How Much is YouTube Premium?

By now you’ve probably seen the pop-ups advertising a free month of YouTube Premium, but how much will it cost after that?

The cheapest plan is $11.99 a month, and the most expensive is $24.99 a month. In addition, there is a family plan that costs $17.99. There’s also a $6.99/month student plan. There is no option for an annual subscription.

In order to get the cheaper plan, which comes with a free two-month trial and a discounted rate, you will need to provide proof that you are a student.

Because it accommodates up to five members of the same household, the family plan is the most cost-effective option for those with children or families with multiple households.

Here’s a quick recap of those prices:

  • Standard: $11.99/mo
  • Family: $17.99/mo
  • Student: $6.99/mo

YouTube Premium’s Family plan costs $17.99 per month. Up to five additional family members (totaling six people) who are at least 13 years old and live in your home can be added to your account to receive the same benefits as you. YouTube’s rules state that these people must be within a reasonable distance of your home.

The Student YouTube Premium plan costs $6.99 per month if you can show proof of your status as a student each year.

When deciding whether or not to pay for YouTube Premium, it depends on how many of its features you use. It’s important to keep this in mind as we examine them below, especially when compared to Spotify Premium and Netflix.

No Ads in YouTube Videos

The most compelling feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to view videos without being interrupted by ads. There are workarounds, but they aren’t officially sanctioned and deprive creators of revenue because of the way they work. Additionally, you won’t see any advertisements on any of the supported platforms, including smart TV apps, game consoles, smartphones, and other similar devices.

In fact, ad-blocking has been a major factor in the development of YouTube Premium. YouTube has long been the king of free videos, but the cost of hosting and streaming those videos is prohibitive for most users. YouTube has no choice but to look for new ways to generate revenue if users continue to block ads.

You know how annoying it is to sit through a 15-second advertisement just to watch 30 seconds of video on YouTube. Do you want them gone? YouTube Premium allows you to do so in a way that benefits both the service and the creators you watch, while also benefiting you.

It is explained by YouTube that the money it receives from Premium subscribers is distributed among the channels that those subscribers watch. As a result of your Premium subscription, your preferred channels are able to monetize themselves without having to rely on advertising revenue.

YouTube Music Premium Is Included

YouTube Music Premium is included in a YouTube Premium subscription. In case you’re not aware, Google’s music streaming service is called YouTube Music. This service replaced Google Play Music, which will be phased out by the end of 2020.

YouTube Music, like other music streaming services such as Spotify, is free to use. In addition to ad-free listening, the ability to play music in the background and the ability to download songs, YouTube Music Premium is a worthwhile investment.

There is a lot of value added to YouTube Premium by having access to YouTube Music Premium. It’s possible to enjoy two subscriptions under the same roof if you don’t already have a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, or a similar service.

Is YouTube TV Included with YouTube Premium?

Because of their similar sounding names, YouTube’s paid services are easy to confuse. YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium, as well as the option to purchase YouTube Music Premium separately.

You should be aware, however, that neither of these services is comparable to YouTube TV. A live TV streaming service called YouTube TV is available through the service. DVR and other TV-streaming features are part of the package.

In order to get access to YouTube TV, you must pay for YouTube Premium, which doesn’t include access to YouTube TV. However, those who subscribe to YouTube TV get full access to YouTube Originals, as we discussed earlier in this article.

Channel memberships are a separate subscription from Premium on YouTube. These give you a way to directly assist a channel while also gaining a few advantages. However, YouTube channel membership does not include the removal of advertisements from a channel.

What Do We like About YouTube Premium?

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, the benefits of a Premium subscription are worth the price. The ad-free experience is hard to put into words until you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself. While many of us use ad blockers on our desktops and laptops, advertisements on mobile devices are much more difficult to avoid. And it’s nice to be able to skip them without hurting the creators because they pay for the content you watch.

This is a must-have for anyone who spends any significant amount of time at all on YouTube, thanks to the introduction of double pre-roll and unskippable ads.

With fewer interruptions, you can enjoy your favorite creators on your TV’s big screen when casting or using the smart TV app. There are no trailers for YouTube originals or anything of the sort in the Premium experience.

However, when it comes to creators, there’s an important benefit of YouTube Premium that’s rarely brought up: revenue sharing. Subscribe to YouTube Premium to help support your favorite creators, as a portion of the revenue from each subscriber’s view goes to them. Demonetized videos are allegedly included in this as well.

However, there’s more to come. The inclusion of Premium YouTube Music in your subscription is undervalued, to put it mildly. There are a lot of songs to choose from in the library of this streaming service. I was able to track down any song I could think of, no matter how obscure it was. I could still watch the videos and listen to the music even if it wasn’t available as a song file.

Regardless of how picky one is about their music, this collection has something for everyone. The music alone may be worth the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription for these people. Additional YouTube benefits are included at only an additional monthly fee of $2 more than Spotify Premium.

What YouTube Premium Needs to Improve?

Original content seemed to be the sole focus of YouTube Red’s initial marketing. Who wouldn’t want to work with their favorite YouTubers, but on a much larger scale? Sadly, this is still a problem with YouTube. The majority of originals are no longer exclusive to Premium members. A free account lets you watch them with ads, but the quality appears to be declining. In addition, it appears that the platform is prioritizing celebrities over YouTubers.

Sadly, YouTube appears to be wasting the talent it already has on hand. More money has proven to be no obstacle for some of these projects. As a perfect example, consider Michael from Vsauce’s documentary series, Mind Field. For Michael, Mind Field allowed him to conduct experiments, interview experts, and more. Vsauce was already well-known for its fascinating scientific content. An intriguing and entertaining series was produced as a result.

Using channels like Kurzgesagt, Crash Course, or even someone like the Angry Video Game Nerd, YouTube could easily replicate its success. Celebrity Substitute and Create Together With Me, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are instead on the air.

Even if you don’t mind watching videos of famous people, it’s easy to overlook the Originals. I’ve been a Premium subscriber for a few months, but I’ve yet to see any recommendations for Originals on my home page. There are some hidden gems like The Boy Band Con documentary that is worth checking out, but it’s a real shame. It’s also difficult to find new shows to watch because of the poor design of the Originals tab.

Finally, the cost of YouTube Premium is a major concern for some users. For $11.99 a month, it’s hard to justify not taking advantage of YouTube Music Premium’s ad-free experience and original content. Especially after having watched the vast majority of it for free over the past decade or more.

How Much Does Youtube Ad Free Cost

YouTube ad-free or YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month. You also get 1 month free trial before you actually start paying for the service. There’s more to YouTube Premium than just skipping the ads that can last as long as the video you want to watch. The YouTube video will keep playing in the background while you switch to a different app. The time spent riding home on the train can be spent more productively by downloading videos to watch later. Stream YouTube Originals, made in-house by YouTube and featuring A-list actors, only on YouTube Premium.

Should You Join YouTube Premium?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Netflix or Hulu, the answer is no. However, if you’re looking for an excellent music streaming service and a better YouTube experience, YouTube Premium is the best option. It not only enhances the viewing experience for you, but it also helps you to support your favorite content creators.

Only a select group of people will find YouTube Premium useful. You don’t need Premium if ads aren’t an issue for you. It’s not worth paying for Premium unless you’re a huge fan of YouTube Originals. You won’t be able to take advantage of all the Premium features if you don’t frequently use YouTube’s mobile apps.

However, if you want to remove YouTube ads and regularly use YouTube Music Premium, then YouTube Premium is a good value for you to get rid of.

Well, that’s all we have here about whether YouTube Premium is worth the money. We hope this guide helped you.

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